Introducing VSBA

VSBA, LLC is an architectural planning and design firm in Philadelphia. We specialize in academic, cultural, civic, and institutional projects — creating places that support community.

We help to craft and transform buildings for colleges and universities, museums, municipalities, and health care organizations. Our work has been recognized by numerous awards and publications.

Each of our projects is led by its own dedicated team, with intense principal involvement. President and principal Daniel McCoubrey is an expert in the planning and design of academic and cultural spaces. Firm partner David Hatton brings vast experience designing student life and residential facilities for academic campuses. And they’re supported by a creative staff of designers.

VSBA, LLC was founded in 2012. Our firm grew out of Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates and we expand on their philosophies — designing with a deep respect for context and our clients’ goals and traditions. Our “big picture” is surprisingly big: we weave together concerns for institutional strategies, cultural diversity, economic impacts, environmental factors, and many other perspectives. And throughout our work, we try to graciously accommodate current needs while allowing the flexibility to adapt for unknowable futures.

After over fifty years as two of the world’s preeminent architects, Robert Venturi has retired from practice. Denise Scott Brown continues to publish and present her work.  For information about Denise, Bob, and their work, please visit venturiscottbrown.org.

Team Resumes

President and Principal
Dan McCoubrey

David Hatton

Senior Associate
Seth Cohen

Jessica Salguero

Architectural Staff
John Bakaysa
Katie Herzog
Kevin Rorabaugh

Graphics and Marketing
Jeremy Tenenbaum


Here’s a list of publications by and about VSBA, LLC. For publications by and related to Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi, please click here.

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