Storm King Art Center, Conceptual Master Plan, Phase 2

Storm King Art Center is a unique outdoor museum — an expansive series of lawns, trails, fields, groves, and woodlands framed by the Hudson Highlands and set with monumental modern sculptures by notable artists.  Each artwork’s context is defined by both immediate and distant landscapes; the ever-changing visitor experience encompasses the seasons and weather, as well as the growing collection.  The Center is a public, non-profit, and educational institution.

In the late 2000s, VSBA was retained to help develop a comprehensive picture of the institution’s facilities and plans for future growth.  We studied the interrelation of art, landscape, architecture, circulation, education, outreach, parking, and other systems as they relate to the visitor experience.  Linkages were fundamental concerns.   Our planning mapped existing and problem connections between activities and uses both on the site and with the broader neighborhood.  Our study also encompassed important issues of environmental stewardship and operational and finance concerns.

In 2013 we were then asked to begin a second phase of planning.  Since the initial study, Storm King has increased its acreage of native grasses, acquired new properties, added a new cafe, rerouted its tram service, and expanded its bike rental program.  Our goals are to continue improving visitor experience, promoting identity, creating flexible areas for programs and activities, providing good working environments, and fostering the right conditions for its unique art.

In addition to our planning, we’ve designed a new visitor map and brochure as a guide to the grounds’ sculptures, facilities, and natural features.  The map reflects conceptual reorganization of Storm King’s precincts, in accord with our planning.


Mountainville, NY

500 acres


Dan McCoubrey (principal); Jessica Tidd (project manager)