Introducing VSBA

VSBA Architects & Planners is an architectural planning and design firm based in Philadelphia. We work with academic, cultural, civic, and other institutional clients to offer a full range of services from planning and programming through design, construction, and occupancy.
VSBA’s approach is collaborative and engaging. We think broadly, weaving together concerns for institutional strategies, cultural diversity, economic impacts, environmental effects, and many other perspectives. We get to know our clients and their diverse communities, from users, administrators, and operators to neighbors and community members, and we help to understand and balance their sometimes competing needs. And we understand that change is certain, so we design environments that can adapt with technologies, users, and missions.
We approach every project with a keen eye for context and few preconceptions. Each of our designs derives its nature from our client’s philosophy, the institution’s ethos, program requirements, and the characteristics of site. By immersing ourselves in the special atmosphere of each enterprise:

   we strive to understand our clients: We’re dedicated to understanding the worlds in which our clients live. We work with an intense appreciation for their dreams, needs, priorities, and budgets, bringing together their physical, social, economic, and environmental dimensions.

   we promote community: In all of our work, but especially our academic and civic plans and designs, we aim to produce an architecture of community. We deeply appreciate the social and communal dimensions of architecture and we love to create places that foster interaction and collaboration — places where people gather, interact, and discover.

   we’re creative and pragmatic: We consider design from development of earliest concepts through the crafting of each detail. We use tried and true systems and technologies in innovative ways. We understand the nitty-gritty aspects of design and the importance of setting and maintaining responsible schedules and budgets throughout design and construction.

   we’re committed to using resources responsibly: We provide our clients with healthy and sustainable places for living, learning, and working. In all our projects we take a holistic approach to creating environmentally responsible buildings and landscapes. We consider long term benefits and costs of materials, products, and systems.
Each of VSBA’s projects is led by its own dedicated team, with intense principal involvement. Our office is an open studio where partners, experienced architects, and interns work side by side in a highly collaborative atmosphere. Information and ideas flow freely as concepts are conceived, developed, and documented. Principals are fully engaged with each project and project teams stay together for the duration of the project.
President and principal Daniel McCoubrey is an expert in the planning and design of academic and cultural spaces, Senior Associate Seth Cohen has managed major health care and academic projects, and they’re supported by a creative staff of architects and designers.
VSBA Architects & Planners was founded in 2012 as the next generation of Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates. We expand on their philosophy of respect for clients’ aspirations, a profound appreciation of context, and imaginative design. After over fifty years as two of the world’s preeminent architects, Robert Venturi has retired from practice while Denise Scott Brown continues to publish and present her work. For information about Denise, Bob, and their work, please visit venturiscottbrown.org.

Meet Our Team

President and Principal
Dan McCoubrey
Senior Associate
Seth Cohen
Jessica Salguero
Architectural Staff
Kathleen Scanlon
Aga Vinson
Director of Marketing, Graphics, &c.
Jeremy Tenenbaum


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